Wednesday, October 22, 2003

There was also another gathering in the Javier brothers' office last night in honor of Joel's birthday (Jorge's youngest brother). I left the house around 7:30 pm since we were originally informed that the party would be held at Jorge's house in Fort Bonifacio after office hours. Good thing my Mom insisted that I'd be driven to the place especially since a.) the venue for the party was moved, and b.) the time was moved to a later time and this was only after I called Robin on the phone. I was dropped off at the mall near their place and I passed off the time eating dinner and browsing through the books and CDs at Tower Records. I received a message from Robin that I should get in touch with another friend of ours and I assume that we would be fetched at the place we talked about at 9:30 pm.

I leave the mall at around 9 pm and got to the place a little before the appointed time. I wait for 15 minutes and I send another text message to Robin asking where they are, when he answered "nasa 0ffice" I thought what the-- was there a secret communication between the two of them to deliberately leave me behind? I took a cab to the place and about a block away I got a text message from our common friend saying that he was already at the place we talked about and he was asking where I was. I texted him back to meet me at the McCafé in Greenbelt (here was another what the-- and a smack on the forehead). We met after a few minutes and proceeded to the venue. The party was in full swing with lots of pulutan and booze. Almost everyone who's everyone at the wedding reception was there. The funny thing about this too was the fact that most of the guests were Jorge's friends and those friends Joel invited from Ateneo did not appear. Another funny here is the fact that at some random point during the celebration someone would start singing the tail end of the birthday song "HAAAAAAAAPPY BIIIIIIIRTHDAY TOOO YOOOOOUUUU!!!" and we would start toasting. This happens whenever it gets too quiet or Jorge would fumble his words during one of his brotherly advices. All in all it was fun, I got a few more projects for this week and in the coming weeks ahead. We were all toasting to Joel and his ex-girlfriend who was also present in the place. His two older brothers can't over the fact that they broke up and they keep asking for them to get back together pronto! The party broke up a little before midnight and we went straight home. Wonder when the next gathering would be?

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