Wednesday, October 01, 2003

Would you think it strange if I told you that I'm still fascinated with rain? Up until now I can'tget over the fact that water falls down from the sky! Like the other day on my way back from a PC Express (one of the neighborhood PC parts shop), the sky was slowly being overcast with thick gray clouds starting in the early afternoon, and while I was walking on the side of the a busy street I felt the first heavy drops of rain coming down. It was sporadic and not much cause for panic as some people are wont to do, but as I turned my eyes to the gray skies in the northwest I saw the flurry of downpour falling down from a great height. Like the heavy rains you see in the distance that results in some sort of a gray mist, the rain was slowly falling down from the clouds. Like the mist of angels slowly coming out of the ark in the climax part of the Raiders of the Lost Ark it was a fascinating sight. I caught the first jeep that passed by on the way to Crossing (I could catch a small transport there on the way to the house without wading through the small floods at the entrance of our street). Within minutes the whole place was drenched in a heavy downpour. Some cars going at top speed take advantage of the situation by transforming puddles into fountains. This, for me, is really fun and the exciting part of it is waiting for the next vehicle to make a bigger splash. Of course this incoveniences a lot of people but not me. Like a wide-eyed kid poised in excitement I eagerly waited for them.

And just this afternoon a really hard rainfall fell pummeling the earth and all the people with huge drops of water. I bravely walked right through it with only an umbrella to cover me (I had an appointment and I hate being late). I was tempted to bring out my phone and take a snapshot of the whole adventure since I was the only one brave (or foolish) enough to walk through it. I passed by some people who were safely under some canopies looking at me, there's no second guessing as to what they're probably thinking. I could only look back at them and think Where's your sense of adventure? The rain soon stopped as sudden as it started.

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