Monday, November 24, 2003

5:41 p.m., Greenbelt 3. Do you feel like getting lost in the horizon?

Busy day today, coming from the house I had to run some errands and observe the right time for an appointment. Time came when I had to juggle the schedule around to make things fit a little better. So after paying some bills at the bank I road the MRT to Makati and meet up with my friend Jorge in his office. When I got there around 3 p.m. the Javier brothers were not in but his wife Sheila was there with a message for me from a client. I was bit surprised by this announcement and that's when I realized that it was about the shirt supplier we were talking to last Friday. This one's quite disappointing because even though we returned their call that very moment they still could not come up with any amount for the quotation we were asking. It would have been a whole lot better if they just said upfront that they would not be able to meet the demand instead of promising to return call and not doing it. Well who cares? We're already finalizing a deal with another one. Tito Wally was also there reading the paper. I hung around and poured myself a cup of coffee and watched the telly. My favorite Pinoy comedy movie was on Romeo Loves Juliet starring Rene Requiestas, Ai-ai Delas Alas, Panchito Alba, and some others. I couldn't get enough of it despite the fact that I already watched this a number of times in the big screen. It just gets me everytime. Joel came by first, after about forty-five minutes Jorge arrived and we ironed out the details for the shirt we will be making. Then we had more coffee and he ordered some pansit for merienda. Joseph arrived and later another friend of his, Mike also came by. With Joseph around, the conversation swung around to business and the ship that he was negotiating. Talks about business usually means that seriousness and something I equated to as a kid as "adult talks." I'm not really up to it but I hung around and listened to them. Then we got to eat, then Miked began randomly switching the TV channel looking for something to watch. We stopped him when we saw that "Tootsie" was on. Jorge said that Dustin Hoffman recently died of emphysema. This surprised me since it was the first time I heard of this announcement (a piece of news that turned out to be false). I left around 5:35 p.m. to attend to another errand. I also had another strip to do tonight and I've been tossing ideas to and fro, whether to a continuation of the Thanksgiving premise or do something for Christmas? On my way home I thought of doing something that pokes fun at those pictures posted online, like Friendster. It would be a lot easier to do and definitely faster.

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