Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Chronicling daily events is what I aim to do ever since I read accounts about the famous diarist, Samuel Pepys. I read about him in the book Stories Behind Everyday Things by Reader's Digest. Under the entry "Diary" I read how he wrote about everyday things from the trivial and to the fascinating. back then having a diary was something that only girls did. The image of a girl writing down about her crush before she sleeps was the stuff that popular entertainment pushed down the throats of eager watchers. But even then I knew that what was happening was too good to be let go without being written down for posterity. Back then I composed the days' events on discarded notebooks and calendar diaries I received as a gift. Then as now I was obsessed with writing in almost every detail everything that happened from the time I got up from bed to the time before I got to bed. I remember writing mostly events rather than my thoughts and opinions since remembering events were much more interesting than remembering what went through my mind at that time.

These days though, almost everyone's in it and we've all gone out in public about it. I tried to maintain a private journal offline but writing entries manually became tedious so here I am. Maybe I will return to filling my private journal with thoughts that I and only I would see. But right now the point of keeping private thoughts doesn't appeal to me anymore. As it is I'm a private person and am not much of a talker. But given the long entries in a public journal like this betrays a need to still be heard effectively throwing out the "private" side right out the window. Quite a poser I know.

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