Sunday, November 23, 2003

I attended one of the best EBs last night in Congo Grille. It was me who actually organized the whole thing and I'm happy that everyone enjoyed themselves and got to meet those whom they're interacting online, but I'm getting ahead of myself. The dinner eyeball was for the regular posters of PinoyExchange.com's Realm of Thought forum where the sciences, philosophy, and religion are discussed (and something I moderate). I'll say it was a huge success since first, most discussions about religion envariably gets heated and it was sort of a big deal to get them together under one roof and around one table, and second, having everyone to enjoy the time spent last night was a feat in itself. People coming from different backgrounds of beliefs: born-again Christian, Roman Catholics, agnostics, an atheist, a raelian, a wiccan, new ager, and a polytheist gathered around one table discussing about trivial stuff like the electoral processes, The Matrix, friendster, and ice cream. For once we were able to put off all doctrinal discussions and get to know the person behind the nicks. This time it was different, if you get to see and know the person behind the die-hard religionist you'd see their vulnerabilities, hear their dreams, and know the seeker behind all those beliefs. It makes praying for them all the more necessary and closer to the heart.

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