Monday, November 10, 2003

I finally got to see Jorge in his office today after almost three weeks of not visiting. I sent him a text message first asking for confirmation if he was there. The three brothers were there and Jorge readily asked me to eat something, shoving lasagna, chicken afritada and a plate in my hands. I asked for coffee but it seemed like he wouldn't hear of it. Embarrassed by all the attention I caved in and took a small amount of rice from their kitchen. His older brother Joseph was talking to someone on the phone and their younger brother Joel was typing some reports and computations on the PC. Just as I was being led to the conference room, in walks Jorge's buddy and another classmate of ours, Dennis. He works next door and he drops by every now and then to unwind and chat. Being the only one who's been asked to eat I tried to make myself as small as possible, to try and escape the eyes of everyone in the office. But since everyone minded their own business I tried to eat fast. I wasn't even hungry but Jorge has this image of me being a voracious eater hence the hospitality. He left after ten minutes, called out on a meeting with a client. He promised to be back after a few hours so we could discuss the shirt design that I brough with me, one that would be used in our alumni homecoming next year. Dennis walked out with him leaving me with the two Javier brothers. This is the awkward stage since I'm not that acquainted with the two so to while the time away I wrote down the idea for a strip that I plan to submit tonight and laid out a rough sketch of the strip itself. Joseph came in and saw what I was doing. He's very imprssed with what he saw and asked some bit of details about my line of work.

Two hours passed and the remaining Javier brothers each have gone out for the day. I sent a text message to Jorge asking if he was still going back to the office, he said that the meeting still wasn't through and then he apologized. I took my leave and started on my way back home. On the way to the MRT, their helper walked with me and we got into a conversation where I found out a lot of things. I found out that he was their second cousin from their mother's side, he's been working in their office for two years now after being laid off from his old job, he was a childhood friend of Joseph, and that he stupidly got into a fight last Friday. He was walking near McDonald's Greenbelt when a 4x4 almost side swiped him, he cursed and ranted against the driver who took a U-turn and waited for him near their office. The driver truned out to be a burly man and against his dimunitive size, it seemed he didn't have a prayer but he wouldn't dream of backing down from what he thinks was his right. Good thing the security guards at their place saw what was happening and quickly brought a potential lopsided fight to a stop. That last part was really funny but the stunt was dangerous. Wish I could go back soon in the near future, I haven't been able to hang around with Jorge ever since he's been getting these job offers.

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