Thursday, November 06, 2003

I was reminiscing over breakfast about a lot of things, particularly friends. The other night I dreamed it was the end of the world, the skies were dark, stars were falling like spent fireworks display and the moon was quickly turning red. I was scared but I wasn't scared for myself, I was scared for my friends. I thought that the chance to turn back and give their lives to God has come too late and I shuddered to think of the dire consequences this entailed. I sort of panicked and in turning around a corner I was bit shocked why there was a street party going on. It's the literal end of the world and people still get up the nerve to have a party to celebrate it? Well it was a dream and we know that most dreams are just the result of one day's activities and thoughts. But this dream got me thinking. I've been asking God about my friends and that one day they would be where I will be: free, ecstatic, safe and sound walking down streets of gold with the rest. That's the first and foremost priority in my talks with Him and the thing is if in a week's time I get to meet a new friend and that automatically qualifies him or her to be included in the list, would they all be saved in the end? I can't help worrying sometimes but to do so is an exercise in futility, one day I'll have all the answer I seek. Till then I'll continue to ask that they be taken good cared of in this life that even if our paths would diverge somewhere along the way we would still have a happy reunion beyond the bend.

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