Sunday, November 16, 2003

I'm so exhausted I was practically sleeping through some parts of the service earlier today. I actually have this recurring nightmare where I would suddenly wake up screaming for no apparent reason and I would see everybody looking at me including the Pastor up front. That would be an über nightmare. The reason for this was that I came home earlier today around 3:30 the morning after attending a birthday party and it wasn't even a friend's birthday party, it was his nephew's party. We went there after a very short meeting with some high school batchmates of ours in Makati. Those in attendance were Robin, Edsel, Franco (who had to leave early to attend some party), Rico, Nicky, and myself. It was a little past 10 pm when we finished a round of updates and plans for the December reunion and since it was still a bit early for a Saturday night outing we decided to accept the invitation of Virgil, another batchmate of ours, to attend the party at his place (which was practically inside the village behind the bar/restaurant we were in).

There were already a small group of people chillin' in the garage. I forgot the names but they were cool and after a while the ice was broken between us and we all started telling stories and laughing. The guys were composed mostly of Bosconians and Agustinians supposed sworn enemies much like the high school version of La Salle and Ateneo. But like I mentioned earlier, time has a funny way of turning things round 90 degrees. Some of the guests included Randy, vocalist for the band Mutual Ground, an up and coming band making the rounds of bars in the Metro. The chosen topic for the night was anything and everything 80s. I forgot who started it but the topic started, I think, with the good 'ol days of PBA and then the World Wrestling Federation, the time when wrestlers sported colorful characters much like supeheroes do. We had fun reminiscing and updating each other regarding the present status of those wrestlers. Names like Jim Duggan, Ultimate Warrior, Undertaker, The Billion Dollar Man, British Bulldog, Jake the Snake, Dusty Rhodes, Mr. Perfect and the lot. Then the topic shifted to shoes and you won't believe how much some of those in the group could still remember the brands (much less still have them in their possession). Brands like Tretorn, Bla-bla, Penny Loafers, British Knights, Espadrille, and some others I forgot came up in the conversation. One of the gregarious ones who came up with the most memory in this impromptu 80s trivia game was Wendell. He was a tad younger than us but he could still name names, recite taglines, sing ad jingles with ease. Before this the three girls in the group had excused themselves for a smoke among themselves, actually their absence from the table triggered the start of our retro talks. We even talked about Sesame Street, its local counterpart Sesame and other kiddie shows like Saturday Fun Machine, Great Space Coaster, Electric Company, and some others making Edsel remark that it was rightfully turning out to be a kiddie party. Topics even moved to TV and movie actors (one cracker was the joke that Michael Keaton was related to Dolphy... Dolphy Keaton ) Us guys can thrive and seriously bond with topics like these, so much so the girls sat at a different table from ours. Later that time, Randy's dad joined our small gathering and he turned out to be much more game than his son (they were neighbors of Vergil). I really had a blast and we were all unwilling to go home even when it was getting later. Not even if Rico and Nicky had a soccer game earlier today and they had to be there around seven in the morning. We called it a night around 2:30 a.m. I knew I would regret this decision to stay up late. Later on Robin told me that the Wendell guy was Wendell Garcia the drummer for Barbie's Cradle! He was sporting a "semi-kalbo" look and he was talking about his groupmates earlier and all along I though he was the fourth member of the group! Oh man! Anyway Robin brought me home and we had a lot of talks along the way. I even got to talk about the magnitude of my gratitude for these guys and he also paid some compliments regarding the scope of work that I've been doing for the batch. All in all it was a very good way to end a wonderful time of bonding with friends both old and new.

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