Sunday, November 16, 2003

Not willing to stay home and vegetate I headed straight to Glorietta in Makati earlier this afternoon after a quick nap. A meeting was called by the council of the Matrix Philippines to talk about the activities in the upcoming conventions and the like. The conversations and the exchange of ideas were fun as it was frequently interrupted by bursts of laughter and off-topic jokes (you can view our goodlooking mugs here). A big muchas gracias to Gabe for the pics (I never imagined girls could go crazy over people like me ). After the meeting, me, Ryan and Az stuck around to check the toys and comics in various stores around the mall. Some of those that we saw were really drool worthy and there were some that were so-so. There were plans to go to Star City on Tuesday to buy toy guns and other stuff (toys! toys! toys! mwahahahaha!!!) I should be hitting the sack right now.

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