Saturday, November 22, 2003

We had another meeting last night, another one that had me going home around 3 a.m. earlier today. The meeting was planned at the same place and the same time in Rockwell, Makati. I finished mapping and printing out the design where Jorge's company logo is to be put in the reunion shirt (well of course since he was sponsoring the printing of the whole thing). When I got there around 9:30 p.m. the meeting hasn't started yet and there were only few of us in attendance: Jorge, Joel (though Jorge's brother was 3 batches lower we consider him as one of us), and Robin. We were joined later by Dexter, Edsel, and his friend whose name escapes right now. Before we started the meeting everyone was reminiscing and discussing our high school years, particularly those revolving around Jorge's uh... dalliances. Names came up again and just about everyone had a good laugh. About an hour later the meeting started and we updated the others about the contract signing in Ali's office the week before and the shirt design that I did, then the topic went back to our personal lives and those connected with us. Some of them had sad stories enough to melt your heart and how they dealt with it (one of them stories involved Jorge's older brother Joseph). What makes me admire them is the fact that even though they may at times exhibit juvenile behavior they still know where their priorities lie and the answer to my prayers may not be far.

Around 12:30 a.m. almost everyone has left (Jorge's wife has already been calling him on the phone many times now) leaving me and Robin to wait for Edwin to arrive. He was arriving in a while and we plan to drop by another place after this, since one of our batchmates is a resident DJ in one of the Makati clubs he was asking us to join him. After Edwin arrived, he settled down to browse through the 1989 yearbook that Robin brought with him. We left after a while and the club we were supposed to go to was closed for the night, quite unusual for a Friday night outing. Even our friend, Jojo (the resident DJ) couldn't figure out why the people left early. Edwin took his leave to go home and tend to his kids and the three of us was left to search for another appropriate place where we could chill and kill a few hours. Jojo suggested we try this bar, BG's in Pasay Road. The place wasn't that crowded and most of the people who hung around the place looked like they were still in College. Contrary to what I expected, I couldn't help but sympathize with the people who hang around in these places. I mean why else would they hang around in a place where loud electronic music was played, with friends huddled around the tables nursing their bottles of beer, to what? Just talk? If they want to talk they could hang around somewhere more sober and quiet. I guessed they wanted to forget some troubles and drown out their problems (hence the loud music and beer) and the dimmed lights afforded them some sort of "anonymity" from others. I have no idea how right or how wrong I was but that's what I came to mind while I was there. Around 1:30 a.m. the band came on stage even though they will be playing before a crowd of 8 people. But what the hey right? The show must go on. By this time I was already feeling drowsy and it didn't help that their set consisted of slow songs. Oh man... In one of the fast songs of their set they pulled one girl from the audience that turned out to be Jojo's niece. Imagine her utter embarrassment when she found out that her uncle was in the audience. The poor girl was in near tears (tears of both joy and emarrassment) as she hugged him. The band finished their set at 2:30 am and we left the place a few minutes after that. Robin was asking us to join him for a bite to eat but I wasn't up to it so he brought me home. Good thing my dad wasn't up at that hour unlike the last time.

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