Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Had to take a break after all those commitments and requirements. Since my parents are having their Couples for Christ's group Christmas party tonight I thought it might be good to spend some time alone outside. I set my sights on eating something sweet and filling at the Podium. I brought a good book and walked all the way to the place. Podium has this great atrium where classical and jazz music are constantly played live before relaxing shoppers sitted on the couches and easy chairs. Cinnabon has this great promo for their new product: an apple cinammon muffin with any drink for ninety pesos only. The size of all of it were huge and just right for a light dinner. I passed the time finishing around three chapters of my book before moving on to the atrium itself to take some pictures and finallize some ideas I should be finishing before the end of this week. I still couldn't reconcile all these into one coherent punchline.

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