Tuesday, December 09, 2003

I finally got to attend our Artists' Den meet last night after a very long hiatus. Of course we don't usually meet Mondays, preferring to meet at the end of a work week to unwind and catch up on each other's stories. Those in attendance were Syeri, Jon, LeRoy, Jac (Wheeeee!), Ludz and S.O., and last but not least, Az. Also in attendance at the side tables were Aids and Mary Anne. We talked about the upcoming campus tour in St. Benedict's College in Alabang. I wasn't really sure of coming since it is a great deal of distance from where I'll be coming from and besides it's office hours so medyo malabo. After clearing these things up LeRoy, Jon and Syeri left to go home and attend to other matters. Those of us who were left continued our talks regarding the upcoming C3 Convention this weekend and other planned projects. There were some good news and some great news. We also talked about some plans for next year and since we weren't settled yet on the calendar it's best not to announce anything yet. We went our separate ways close to midnight feeling happy and content.

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