Wednesday, December 17, 2003

I GOT MY DRIVER'S LICENSE! I FINALLY GOT MY DRIVER'S LICENSE! After these weeks of waiting and false starts I finally got it! I started out early waking up at 6:30 a.m. for the appointment at 8 (I didn't even have time to eat breakfast). I won't go into details of how I got it but let's just say that the way the bureaucracy works in these parts is less than honorable. So I'm all mixed up inside over this. And yeah we were made to wait four and a half hours so this is something I'm all mixed up inside too but in a minor way (I only had one measly hamburger for "breakfast" since there was only Burger Machine around the area). On one hand I thought I would be able to have lunch at Jorge's office after confirming my visit at that time (I had to turn down his offer the other day since I had to finish the strip) and on the other people usually picked up their finished license after two weeks. Like I said before I was already mixed up on the way the system works for one to obtain a driver's license at the LTO and it didn't help things a lot for me when those who were waiting with us were asking a lot of questions as to how we were able to arrange our way to applying. I can't help but show a bit of some attitude to make them stop asking more questions. During the waiting period Az was asking if he could drop by the house to pick up the artwork contributions for the SWP convention. Initially I told I'll be arranging these for pick up but the problem was there was no one in the house available to arrange my stuff. The credits on my phone were fast being depleted so I cannot use it for phonecalls anymore.

After getting my shiny new license from the window I ran to find an available public phone in the area. There was no such luck. My next move was to ride a jeep to Galleria in hopes of finding a phone to call the house again and arrange the pick up. Good thing my mom was already available and the problem was solved. Next st op was Jorge's office in Makati. I don't know if he's going to be there but he told me to just go ahead, proceed there and hang out. I arrived at their office around thirty minutes later. Joseph was there playing solitaire at their PC, I told him I'm just going to hang around and relax for some minutes. We talked for a bit before getting myself a cup of coffee. After about 30 minutes I took my leave and went to Tower Publishing to pick up some checks and a Christmas basket they prepared for me. These are the same people that published POParazzi before. Then I rode the MRT home.

After settling down a bit and showing my parents my license and the Christmas basket, I went on over to Megamall to meet with Az (he sent me another text message asking me to meet with him and Jac at the foodcourt). Had my "lunch" there with them at around 7 p.m. Eugene and Dennis from Glasshouse Graphics also came by to drop their art contributions for the con. After a while we dropped by Comic Quest to check out some new releases and then on to our separate ways. Az is inviting me to come over to Alabang Town Center and check the exhibit. I dunno, I'll try to make it on Saturday and Sunday.

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