Monday, December 22, 2003

I just finished two strips Philippine News is printing for Christmas and New Year. It's been months since I did two strips at one sitting and it took another getting-used-to. I only finished drawing, scanning, and cleaning them last night when I got home from the 1st Star Wars Philippines Con at Ayala Town Center in Alabang. I got there around 12:30 p.m. and I hadn't had my lunch till after four hours later. Az, Ryan, Gabe, Oneal, Meann, and the others were already there playing with their yo-yos and eating veggie shawarma. I checked out the place, the people, and the exhibits before settling down to draw a Star Wars related sketch since Az told me I was going to be the "Artist of the Hour" or something like that.

Introducing Jedi knights Ryan, Az, and uh... somebody.

Oblivious to the world.

Almost finished with the sketch.

The fun didn't really start until I started a short lecture on cartooning, composition, and copyrighting one's work in (this was held upstairs at the San Mig Pub). In all honestly I didn't prepare anything and just told them everything I know from the top of my head. They gave me thirty minutes to talk and to fill up the slot I had to come with all sorts of subject related to the craft. I even lectured them on the "scientific" methods of cartooning and comic strip writing. I just came up with this thing based on observation and I actually have no idea if anybody else came up with this. Camy also arrived at this time with Az. They were also holding a "Create your own Jedi" contest and while all this was happening. Ryan came up to do his part in the lecture after my turn, then merienda was served.

Lecturing on the trade secrets of a cartoonist.

Gabe stands amazed as Ryan finishes his sketch in a matter of microseconds.

Lecturing on the proportions of a human body.

We all went back downstairs to join the others in the exhibit area where a couple of henna tattoo artists were doing their stuff for free and anything that's free was sure to draw a crowd. Taking advantage of the situation Az and the organizers called me to the center again to do an art demo on the same big paper that was used in the lecture upstairs. I haven't had any idea what character I should be doing since I didn't have that much of a reference guide with me. I settled to do my all-time favorite Star Wars character in a way that would show both the past and future in one go.

Ta-daaaaaah!!! Live art demo before a small audience.

I may be handsome now but I'm gonna be much cooler someday!

Then Emil and Rain did a live demo on lighsaber fighting. Gabe even sidelined as the Force that Emil used to bring the saber back to his hand (for this purpose she had "I am the FORCE" label stuck on her shirt).

Prepare to die!!!

The crowd dwindled to a few after a while and the only activity we had after that was the showing of some fan films. Ryan and me hitched a ride home with Gabe around 8:30 p.m. And that's it. Now I have to get ready for the premiere of the last LoTR movie that's happening later.

* Pictures came from Paolo's Image Station album.

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