Friday, December 26, 2003

My dad came home with a new puppy the other day from Batangas. It's an ordinary mutt (or "askal" in the colloquial) but seeing the overall white fur, brown nose, gray eyes and big paws the mixed in heritage may be a Bull Terrier or so my younger sister theorizes. It was all afraid during the first night and come yesterday morning it was all frisky and playful. Our other dog Tommy (aka Wuffy) was curious and kept poking his nose inside the puppy's cage. But he was growled and snapped at when the puppy saw his territory being intruded. The puppy's quite petulant and territorial for someone so young. What I actually expected was the other way around. I'll take its picture for posterity tomorrow. It'll be a nice souvenir for the future when it will be all big and fat. I also finished updating my phlog. Speaking of which I do wish I had a digicam, anyway Christmas isn't through around these parts till after a couple more weeks. hint. hint. *wink-wink* nudge.

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