Sunday, December 14, 2003

Second day of the C3 Con and due to some time mismanagement I never got to attend the service in Galleria today. I was already on my way contemplating whether to push though with attending despite the lateness of the time when Lyndon saw me. He was riding inside a cab on his way to Megamall and that somehow clinched the decision for me. He was bringing a cartfull of books and he was with a helper helping him lug them up the stairs. After getting the necessary papers ready he set up his place on the last table beside the indie titles, right in front of Anino Entertainment.

The ever humble Lyndon tries to downplay the accolades and praises thrown his way.

I brought some CLASS folders after all my copies of the ashcan were bought yesterday and after not being able to prepare additional copies. It fared quite well in last year's con and I thought it wouldn't be any different this year. I was wrong big time. The format was something that people didn't exactly like so it was ignored. You have to admire the other indie comic artists there who took some aggressive steps in selling their works. They were hawking and handing them to passersby like sellers in a public market. There were some titles that had potentials but there were a lot who were relying a lot on manga art. I didn't buy those. Also I beef with these titles was that the prices were a bit prohibitive. One group who came out with an interactive CD comics can be excused for selling it for P80.00, but the others? Errrr... never mind.

Things began to pick up about mid-afternoon when cosplayers and their hangers on began to arrive in preparation for the contest. Check out the pictures of these rabid fans who were a colorful mix of geniuses who had a lot of money to burn:

Robert Wong and his impressive cosplayer entry from the Matrix Revolutions.

Ragnarok winners.

He joined last year as an alien from the Alien movie and
he's come back as someone just as cool.

I forgot who he's cosplaying as... help?

Az gets ready to do battle.

Prepping at the side of the stage before they march on stage.

Gabe as the playful version of Dr. Doom.

Dr. Doom taken aback by the sight of a sable brush growing from my chin.

Jac showing her bracelet as Jun from Battle of the Planets.

There was one who came on as Spongebob Squarepants and though he got the audience's approval he failed to make it to the finals. We even cheered and howled when Jac and Gabe onstage to strut their stuff (they never got much of a reaction from the audience though). I also got in line to buy additional Pugad Baboy books and the small Polgas figure I wanted so much (you wouldn't believe how long it took before I finally got it signed).

Pol Medina Jr. signing my copy of Pugad Baboy 15.

Oh yeah, they announced that Matrix Philippines' entry "The Juan" won the indie film contest. They showed it the second time around to the delight of the waiting crowd.

This video clip is brought to you by Azrael's Merryland. "Azteeeg!"

We'll be waiting for the DVD copy and the add-ons included in it, probably by next month's New World's Con everything will be good and ready. I also got to have my CCCom merchandise autographed by the artists themselves.

Culture Crash Comics' Jio (who did "Solstice Butterfly") and Taga-Ilog (who does "Pasig").

My fave CCCom artist, Memer (who does "One Day Isang Diwa"
and "Cat's Trail")
with his alter ego I Q 40.

I didn't bring my sketchpad this time since they were swamped with requests for sketches by people right up until closing time. It's also unbelieveable and quite heartwarming to know that Kubori Kikiam's David and Memer still remembered me and my work. Wow. Thanks guys! This really means a lot to me. Another successful C3 Con was over and people are anticipating another big year ender next year.

Lico (Asong Makulit Productions) threatens passersby into
buying the last copy of their indie comic.

After packing up our things and finishing all the pleasantries me, Az, and Lyndon ate dinner at Big Bowl and discussed the con and other upcoming cons that will be happening. Next up is the Star Wars Philippines thingie at the Alabang Town Center next week. Wooooohooooooo!!! Can't wait for this one.

* C3 Con pictures are also available at these sites (some of which I lifted from): Kubori Kikiam (useless)News and Articles, Syeri's site, Joel Chua's site, Gabe's site, and TransFans Philippines.

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