Tuesday, December 09, 2003

This is one of the few that made me laugh.

Those who are old enough to remember will be familiar with this title that saw print in GLITTER Magazine during the 90s. This particular strip didn't see print in the magazine though, this was only created last year to fill some gaps in the book compilation I planned. As of this writing though the project has been momentarily shelved. There will be a comic book format in the offing and I will be selling an ashcan format compilation at the C3 Con this weekend. This is also the first strip in the series I edited and colored the way I do now. Usually the strips from this series are finished in black and white with screen tones filling in the appropriate spaces, and only rarely, if ever, do I use clip art to make up for those objects I'm too lazy to draw. Am I lazier now for preferring clip art backgrounds to hand drawn ones? I do spend the same amount of time editing the strips so you tell me. But I'll still continue to do the regular strips in b&w and only color those in Sunday format (I already have three of those so far).

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