Saturday, December 13, 2003

Today's the first day of the most awaited, most anticipated convention of all: The Second Philippine Comic Book, Gaming, & Anime Convention. Everyone who's anyone's going there to launch their works like Mango Comic's third and last issue of Darna, Marco Dimaano's Angel Ace Next, Carlo Vergara's Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah trade paperback, Quest Venture's Siglo, Culture Crash Comics #13, PM Jr.'s Pugad Baboy 16, and lots and lots of others. I went there around 2:30 p.m. after finishing some stuff and a bit of resting (I finished my submission for the Star Wars Con at 2 a.m. earlier today and I'm proud of the way it turned out).

Reno was already waiting for me outside the entrance and there I was still getting ready to go out making him wait for quite a while (sorry dude!). There was a quite a rainfall right before I got out of the house forcing me to bring a big umbrella with me. Unfortunately for me the sun came out when I was already halfway on my journey. The place was packed when I got there, paid for my ticket and nagivated the place starting at the right side. It was quite a coincidence that I found my friend waiting for me there right beside the booth of Ground Zero. Ludz wasn't around so we continued our inspection of the place passing by the booths of Psicom and Glasshouse Graphics among others. Then off to the left side where I found the booths of Comic Quest, Mango Comics, and the independent titles manned by my friends Syeri and Joanah. I dumped my load of comic titles at the table after asking permission from them (indie booth's reserved for those titles that are included in the CCCom indie contest). Good thing Syeri had her digicam on hand while we were hanging around the place:

There's my CLASS comics lying among this year's bumper crop of indie titles.

Indie booth being mobbed by rabid fans.

Mingling around and rubbing elbows: me, Mark Navarro (Summit Publishing), and Reno

The boys in business: Az, me, and toy store owner, Vic Yap

Saw Az an hour later and the rest of the Matrix Philippines crew hanging around waiting for the showing of the group's submission to the indie film contest titled "The Juan." They finally showed the entries on the big screen near the stage around 7:30 p.m. after a round of cosplayers' contest. There were some good entries and there were some really good entries like a film adaptation of Taga-Ilog's Pasig. Our group's film was the last one to be shown and it got rave reactions from the audience. It was also my first time to see it and I must honestly (and without bias) say that the peeps behind it did a very, very, very good job of it. The actors involved in the film were all blushing from the attention we gave them.

Weird thing about this was that right after the showing of the film and CCCom head honcho James' announcement that the results of the contest will be known tomorrow, the place quickly became deserted in a matter of minutes, whereas moments before the place was filled to the rafters with human carpet. Lyndon and I had a late dinner at Yoshinoya downstairs, discussing the con and his plans to set up a booth for his comics in some corner near the indie titles. We went home around 10 p.m.

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