Friday, December 05, 2003

We had our last batch reunion meeting last night (it was really, really, really the last one) and there were only four of us in attendance. While the meeting was originally set at 8:30 p.m. I arrived at nine expecting almost everyone to be there yakking away. It was very surprising to see groups of complete strangers in the area and none of those I was expecting to see. While waiting in one of the available tables I began to take stock of what I had going for me right there: it's cold, I had no money to buy dinner, and there were groups in that area brazen enough to do the icky-yucky bathetic, cornball, insipid, lovey-dovey, saccharine, schmaltzy, sugary, syrupy, PDAs ("public display of affection" for those who aren't in the know). All those mushy, cutesy stuff should be done way beyond the eyes of the public. If I know better they're raring to do the baby talk too. Why should others be involutarily involved with them mushy stuff? They should be doing these somewhere private... like Pluto. If you're thinking I'm bitter because I don't have anyone with me at the moment, you're dead wrong. I've matured enough not to go for the cheap thrills and get on with the serious business. This is quite contrary to the remark of one of my former classmates there after some talks about women, "Pare I don't go for serious stuff, pare. I want the thrills pare." Ok.

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