Monday, January 26, 2004

Before, I was surprised to find out that some batchmates from high school are executives working in big companies, that some of them turned out to be doctors specializing in areas that aren't common, that one turned out to be an exceptional MTV director, that one became a professional basketball player, and one headed the sports commission in Manila (okay so we had an inkling of this given his political connections). But I thought that would be it. Those occupations were already the height of positions, that nothing could ever surprise me anymore. Boy was I wrong. I just found out by accident that one of my former classmates is now working in the Department of Foreign Affairs! My older brother works there so I have a pretty good idea how very hard it is to get a good position inside.

Back then in high school these were the same guys that gave the teachers migraine everyday, these were the same people who had problems keeping quiet in class, the same guys who liked to play practical jokes on the others, who would rush out to have recess at the first ring of the bell and here they are occupying some of the best positions in their company. Their countenance and attitude have also changed for the better. Hehehe... funny how things turn out after all these years.

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