Saturday, January 17, 2004

First day of the convention and I'm tasked with doing caricatures for a token amount along with Jac. There were not much people during the duration of the con, well not as much as the last one anyway. Still it was a success with people having fun. Our booth (Matrix Philippines) showed the award winning fan film The Juan to the delight of the various visitors who kept flocking around to watch it. There were lots of cosplayers, and this time they were a sight for sore anime eyes since they were all in sci-fantasy characters garb (yes, including me with the all black suit and silver tie). Check out these pictures I took using my handy-dandy phone (I really, really have to get that digicam soon):

Parents bring their kids along to entertain them/selves.

A Matrix agent takes time out from being too serious.

A traitor in their midst.

Curious tourists also came to see what's up.

The Stormballs dancing to the music of *shudder* Village People.

I actually thought that this guy would win top prize. But at least he's the people's favorite.

Second prize winner of the best costume, Gabe! She's a Starfleet C88 that's why.

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