Tuesday, January 27, 2004

I just had a very interesting discussion with Lyndon down at Serg's Café. It's been a long time since I last experienced a spontaneous exchange of substantial ideas so it's quite liberating to say the least. I forgot the rest of what we talked about but three of the topics we discussed were about the idea of creating journal entries in the form of comic pages or strips (the one I was talking about some days ago). He thinks it's a very good idea and I also thought about expanding it to include a full blown autobiography. Not for public consumption, of course, but something to be passed on to my future kids. Written biographies can be boring but if you do it in comic form well you've got a winner.

Another topic we talked about is the question what's the more vital ingredient to creating a successful art: creating an intellectual work with a heart or an emotional piece with a head? What would you rather serve? If you ponder on coming up with something you're going to be proud of would you rather that it serves to educate or do you shoot for the heart? There's no denying these days that comic books are no longer becoming the exclusive realm of kids. People are sitting up to take notice that comics can educate and/or make people change. The Japanese came up with the word "manga" to denote this fact. How about us? Elbert came up with a more appropriate term calling it "grafiction." There isn't any clear answer to the question really, but it's good to keep in mind that whether you prefer the intellectual or emotional approach, just keep in mind true success isn't measured by the awards nor how much accolades your work got but how much you contributed to the way an individual thinks.

Third and last topic is the idea of settling down. It's a minor issue that I just needed to get off my chest. I was just scared that in the flurry of projects and business I'd miss out on the opportunity to meet someone at the right time. That some time in the future I'd look back on all this and realize that by then it would be too late. Lyndon rightfully pooh-poohed this fear. What am I scared of anyway? The right person will come at the right time and nothing but nothing will ever prevent that from happening. "Who knows," he joked, "she could still be in grade school right now." Ummm... yeah. Then there's this business that she should have the same passion for the arts, for friends, and for everything as me. She should also have the same zest for life. That she should know when and how to have fun. That she looks at life with childlike innocence and wonder. And to value the same things I value. Some names and scenarios were brought up on how I want things to turn out (they could be reading this right now and I'm just too embarrassed to say it right here). Basically I want the same scenario as F.R.I.E.N.D.S. without the complications of F.B.s and other no-nos. It would still be open to gimiks and get-togethers at home. Is this possible? I can't see why not. There are some real life examples I'm looking up to.

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