Friday, January 02, 2004

Internet is still down for the count. Well not exactly the internet but the PC server here in our home office. I have been renting internet hours in various places from our neighborhood net café down to the mall. I couldn't help it, I just have to write down every single thing and thought in the course of a day. It's my own obsessive-compulsive behavior. A witness to the good 'ol days when I'm feeling down. It's been one long weekend, the likes of which we'll never see again. Maybe. There's nothing much to do around here anyway. I tried doing the laundry but the machine has been on the fritz. I can't even get a haircut since my regular barber's out too. I want to draw something but I just can't focus on that exact idea I want to do next (I just finished coloring a large caricature of a friend of the Javier brothers, something that's been delayed for months already). Good thing the malls are now open.

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