Sunday, January 18, 2004

It's more of the same today. I didn't wear any costume today (well a black suit and a silver tie in the middle of a park beside the mall is a costume) instead I wore something casual but still inspired by the whole Matrix thingie. I also got to do more commissioned drawings this time (one was a trade) but still people didn't really expect anyone to do caricatures at the con, much less knowing that there is a sci-fantasy going on outside the mall. At least I did get to please some people by drawing their likeness on paper. Here are some more pictures from the second day of the convention:

Lady Arwen leads the parade of cosplayers.

This is one of the really cool costumes.

This guy won the best costume today.

The Highlander and Jango Fett.

Reinterpreting the sword fight from The Final Flight of the Osiris.

This was the first sketch I did today. Pretty good, right?

This was even better.

Jac as a sleek Samurai-inspired Zionist.

Darryl did a smashing job of hawking memberships and fan film CDs.

Got this one from Gabe's site. Are we cool or what?

Whatta night. Whatta day too.

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