Sunday, January 25, 2004

Last night's homecoming was one of the most highly anticipated annual reunions ever. It also turned out to be as regular as the others. Personally I was expecting something grander. Of course since it was the 50th anniversary of the founding our school I thought the sponsoring batch and maybe the school admins would pull out all the stops into making this celebration the most memorable of all alumni homecomings. At least something that would top last year's eat-and-drink-all you-can thing. Oh well.

The good news about it though is the appearance of former batchmates who we haven't seen since we graduated from high school. And there were a lot of them. I arrived at the place a little past 7 p.m. meeting Jess, who was a former classmate of mine on the way to the entrance. There weren't that much people hearing mass, in fact they only started arriving after about an hour (private Catholic school students get a lot of those during their stay). Initially I was the only one wearing our batch shirt (which I designed), Jorge wanted to personally distribute the rest and he was still a long time coming. The only other batches wearing their corresponding batch shirts were the ones from 1988 and of course the sponsoring batch, 1979. Batch shirts are good since it serves to show how solid you and your classmates' friendships are after all these years.

What's funny is the fact that a couple of those from the higher batches joined our batch along with some of those from the lower years (of course these friendships go from way back then in high school). Even Mang Danny, a friend of the Javier brothers joined our group (though he didn't come from our school his sons did graduate from there).

Eli was one of the few who brought their kids to the reunion.

Nobody cared to watch nor listen to the band. There's a lot of catching up to do.

Jorge, our batch shirt sponsor, is all smiles as the shirts sport his company logo.

This is a real nifty "ghost" picture.

Dennis and Mang Danny

Contrary to what that sign says we're batch '89 (eeeiight-tuh nine-nah)

What promised to be a good evening was spoiled by a foiled robbery on one of our guests. The would be robber at first filched some beers from our cooler and though Dennis and Jorge already confronted him about it he still went ahead and drank most of it. Though me and Mang Danny were watching him we missed the part where he tried to snatch our friend Michelle's bag from the table. The two burly friends dragged the drunk robber around the corner and taught him a lesson. The police was called and charges were pressed. Good thing the lights were all turned on during this time.

After the homecoming party we went to our batchmate Rico's videoke bar in another part of Makati (actually his father owns the business) and we continued the fun by passing the mike and taking turns in singing songs till early morning.

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