Saturday, January 03, 2004

There were three great things that happened today: the washing machine finally worked, the PC server got out of it's comatose state, and I also got a haircut after nearly a month. Okay, so maybe one out of three counts as greatness. Okay, so the term "great" is also relative. I also got to watch "Lizzie Maguire: The Movie" (my sister's DVD copy) which made me change my mind completely on Hillary Duff... she got away with it because she's cute.

I went to eat dinner at The Podium (again) because there was nothing good on TV and I've been watching a lot of it lately. I had it all planned out: eat dinner, relax, read a book, and sketch the planned lay-outs for a couple of strips. But lo and behold, once the supposed "relaxing" music started in the atrium downstairs I was all but relaxed. And that's something I've been noticing around lately that everyone's playing their music a notch higher than usual. What's supposed to be a background music conducive to activity and discussion turns out to be the main factor for driving others out of their establishments. That's my main beef with Starbucks in Shangri-la. What's with the loud music anyway? They're planning to turn it into a nightclub or something? It's not even lounge for crying out loud. It's like they don't want to hear people talk in that place.

Oh yeah, my friend's wife Sheila sent me a text message earlier today inviting me to the surprise birthday party for Jorge at their house tomorrow night (actually his birthday's on Monday but why not start things early?). It's going to be a potluck thingie and she's already tasked me to bring a case of beer. Hmmm... to think I was planning to bring sushi.

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