Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Two things that make today really ducky: They're selling a compiled edition of Brooklyn Dreams at Powerbooks Megamall! JM DeMatteis' and Glenn Barr's magnum opus about a man's growing up years in the seedier parts of New York. What makes this work stand out aside from DeMatteis' clever writing are the drawings that run the gamut between painted, pencil sketched, inks, and cartoony. From being serious one moment to being loony at a turn of a page. I only got the first two issues from a sale in Filbars Comic store about a decade before and I've been looking for the succeeding issues ever since (which even includes the large bookstores in San Francisco and New York). It's really an excellent thing they compiled the whole works and released it here.

The second thing that's cool is a slide show presentation called The Interview With God. I got the link from Jorge's younger brother Joel last December 1 and it was only now that I got to check the link. I first thought that he was viewing an attachment he got from an email message (you know those cheesy types done in PowerPoint). I got to peek the last parts of it and was amused when he saluted the presentation when it was over. He pointed me to the site where he got it, saved it on my phone and it was only now that I got to see it. I saw his point of saluting the poem, you would too after reading it.

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