Sunday, February 01, 2004

Dreamed of my favorite ska band Madness last night. I know now that it was in the latter part of my sleep that this happened. In that dream I was with the band backstage where they're resting and preparing for a gig. The venue looked like a dark, delapidated bodega and most of them were lying down and just taking it easy while keyboardist Mike Barson was sitting across the room writing on a table. He was wearing the same blue suit he wore in the cover of their album and he didn't mind me looking over his shoulder while he doodled spirals and curlicues on a sheet of music paper along with large musical notes. I though it was a strange way of writing a rearrangement for the music they will be making onstage. Some of the others got up rather groggily when I seemed to have disturbed their sleep. I only regret not having to see them perform after that.

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