Saturday, February 28, 2004

I had fun last night at the Siglo launch at the Glorietta 2 in Makati. I arrived sometime around 7:30 p.m. after racking my brain thinking where it was (the Mall was renovated and built one after the other around a decade ago hence the sequence). After I found the exhibit I called my friend Jorge on his phone to describe where the exact location was. He told me to just text the directions since he was playing badminton at the time along with his dad. After that I had to settle down and calm my nerves (the fanboy in me tends to shortcircuit in the presence of other greats). I saw Jac and Jonas getting food from the buffet table. Camy was also there. Another friend of mine, Vanessa called my attention and we had a little chat and another acquaintance of mine from the PinoyExchange.com message board was there too. Turns out that she's the niece of the organizer of the whole event (small world). All this time they were all pointing me to the buffet spread but I had to resist a bit since I was planning to have dinner with my guests after the event. Then Gerry saw me and we had a little chat ourselves before he excused himself to prepare before the artists were called onstage.

After that I got myself a hardbound copy of the book and some tasty morsels from the buffet. After I finished eating I made a bee line to the Siglo artists and writers to have my copy signed. First up was Carlo Vergara, then Jason Banico, Gerry (who also introduced me to his better half, Ilyn), Dean Alfar (who's also a barkada of my brother back in high school), Andrew Drilon (youngest among the bunch), Marco Dimaano, Vin Simbulan, Nikki Alfar (Dean's wife), and finally, Elbert Or (who kindfully lent his pen earlier). I forgot to have Carlo's sister sign my copy. Argh!

After completing the signatures, I went around and viewed the artworks. These were the ones up for auction with a starting bid of P400.00. With nothing more to do I took more of those delectable bangus something (I don't know what it's called) and mosied along to look at something else when I noticed the almost empty list of bidders on the registration table. An evil plan came to mind, I made a bid and the first page of Marco's Panay became mine!

Original art and the corresponding page in the book.

I got skittish when Marj (the one in charge of the auction) informed me that they already closed the auction (which means I was safe to bid whatever amount I want) and I could also pay them sometime next week for those pieces that I want. I went around the panel boards again and again looking for another piece to bid on. I gleefully pointed out those pages by Elbert and Gerry from Chinatown and San Dig respectively. In fact I wanted to get all of them! I got all crazy and let art collector side of me take over. While all these time I was thinking of the investment, it all boiled down to preserving what could be a huge landmark in modern Filipino comics. A little while later Jorge sent me a text message apologizing that he and his wife won't be able to make it. I shrugged this off and told him that it's okay and I'll see them next time. I went home happy as a clam thinking of those original art pieces I'll be picking up next Friday.

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