Friday, February 13, 2004

I have two discoveries today, one's peculiar and the other's not. The first one is the latest craze to starting in New York City, this is interactive entertainment taken to the next level—the Movieoke. At first I thought at first to be an ordinary videoke projected on the big screen turns out to be something more: live audience dubbing of your favorite movie! Guests follow the subtitled dialogue on a monitor in front of them while the others watch the projected scene on the big screen. "As long as you're not afraid to make a fool of yourself, it becomes a really communal experience," says inventor Anastasia Fite. Wonder when will this idea hit our shores?

Second discovery is the Mutts book I bought in last year's bookfair. Although I do read the strip regularly in the Philippine Daily Inquirer I never really got to appreciate the strip as much as I do now. Author and artist Patrick McDonnell effectively uses simple ink lines reminiscent of turn of the century cartoons, sparse dialogue, and three panels to bring home his message: pets are the bestest things in the world. He's also a staunch advocate of animal rights as some of the strips show. I guarantee you that next to Hobbes, you'll be hard pressed to find other endearing animals as Earl, Mooch, Shtinky Puddin, Woofie, Guard Dog, Sour Puss, Mussels Marinara, Crabby, and the others. I'm now looking forward to my next Mutts book purchase.

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