Monday, February 23, 2004

I knew I had a dream in two and a half parts last night but it was only the second dream that I remember now. The rain had just stopped and I walked over to the window overlooking our yard to find a raging river flowing from our bodega down through the wall parellel to my room. While watching the deluge I discerned some large fishes swimming towards a large hole on the wall right down below to my right. Some of these looked like silver or white pufferfish or something. I stepped down and saw some gray sharks swimming against the flow. There were turtles too. The first thing that came to mind that these were salt water animals so why were they swimming in freshwater? I took a peek at the large hole in the wall and saw the water flowed down a large hole in the ground an arm's length from where I was. The hole looked something like those holes you see in the streets whenever they start excavating. Instinctively, I knew the water flowed directly to the ocean so I found it very kooky for these fishies to pass by our house on their way to the briny deep.

The water began to subside after a while and I saw some mudskippers left here and there. I picked them up one by one and deposited them near the hole so they could join their cousins (judging from the size, they must be giants). On my third trip to the hole I was surprised to see them changed. Perched on the mound of mud beside the water, they're now sporting a body of a frog while retaining their own heads. I don't remember what the next dream was after this.

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