Thursday, February 26, 2004

If I were to ask you in person to answer the question from the top of your head "Who's the coolest person for you?" what would you say? Let's exclude celebrities and other people who make entertainment their sole occupation for a while. Coolness entails a form of hero worship. Someone who achieves something you could only dream of doing is cool. Some who reached the heights you're aspiring is considered to be cool. Someone who's gifted with an incredible talent related to your field is cool. These are what I like to call Surface-level cool. They earned their slot in upper echelons of the coolness ladder because of something they did or inherited. The down side to this is that they have to constantly maintain their status to be included in this exclusive group. After all, one's only as good as their last work. How about those who stand up for what is right and speak their mind? How about those down-to-earth people who haven't changed inspite of their new found "demi-god" status? Or those "celebrity" folks who go out of their way to do something without asking for anything in return? These are the Deep-level cool. They have no fear of maintaining anything because it's not dependent on fads or trends and for the most part, it's already second nature to them. Besides, in the eyes of those who matter the most they've already graduated to the next level called Respectability. Still I'd like to find out what exactly defines the coolness level of one person. Is there an exact science to being cool? Or am I deluding myself because after all, like beauty, coolness is in the mind of the observer.

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