Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Just a quick commentary on this country's electoral campaigns, particularly that of two leading candidates. First off is FPJ's penchance for entertainment* to get his votes. Kicking off his campaign with a big rally headed by comedians and sexy dancers. Instead of outlining his political platform and encouraging his fans with substantive reasons, they came up with flapdoodle statements like:
Dolphy: "This is the first time that we would have such a handsome president. I'm beginning to turn gay."

Vic Sotto: "Wala lang (nothing)." (that's important?) **

Joey de Leon: "If your brother is running (for elective office), wouldn't you vote for him?" (referring to Poe as a "brother" in the movie industry) **

Sen. Leticia Ramos-Shahani: "We Filipinos like to be entertained," (who saw nothing wrong in the entertainment-heavy rally)

Sen. Tito Sotto: "This is star power ... He has a very good chance of winning. The chances are excellent."

Scary isn't it? Poe even had the audacity to proclaim to a foreigner that the country's ills can be summed up in just three words: Breakfast, lunch, dinner. What the heck was that all about? The thing is if he was really sincere in solving the country's ills he should have started in his own backyard a long, long time ago way before being pushed to run for president. While on the other camp, thinking of fighting fire with fire, GMA's party resorts to using the Viva Hot Babes and the blessings of the other half of showbiz "gods" and "goddesses" to pave the way to extending her term. I can't even begin to describe what I think about this political circus all the while thinking that the fate of this country rests in one of those people's hands.
"If the events that surrounded yesterday's launch are an indication, there is little to show that the more than 40 million Filipino voters will emerge from the campaign better illuminated than they have been during the past few months, when issues were avoided like a contagious disease." - Amando Doronila, The dumb and the blind

"It's not just that movie stars are replacing "serious people," it's that seriousness in politics in general is going, if it hasn't gone at all. The standards have fallen -- no, disappeared completely." - Conrado de Quiros, The dumbing of Juan de la Cruz

"At no other time in history have we had this many celebrities running in an election—perhaps even more than any other country has had. So, does this make us Filipinos the biggest joke in political history? Or are we merely riding in the front seat of change, providing the world a sneak preview of the new order to come: the rise of the entertainment class to global political power?" - David Celdran, Media Madness

Left to our own devices for a little while and all good senses go down the drain. All this time we've been crying for relief from our problems and all we get is entertainment. All we're hearing right now is the cacophony of vested interests. "We Filipinos like to be entertained" says one "good" Senator. Entertained? Entertainment is just a passing fancy and it doesn't solve anything. If don't take ourselves seriously and vote for a presidential candidate on the basis of who has the more entertaining campaign then God save us from ourselves. We should all start repenting and actively seek Him to intervene in our decisions.

* The "Sex Bomb" dancers wearing skimpy outfits heralded Poe's entrance amid the colored lights and dry ice mist resembling "a huge television production."
** Comedian-turned-Senator Tito Sotto introduced his younger brother and former showbiz colleague to the crowd saying the pair had an important message to say.

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