Friday, February 27, 2004

Local politicians continue to show their flair for comedy by continually shooting themselves on the foot with inane answers. Here are some nuggets from the Philippine Daily Inquirer's article, Can Poe's foes make a movie?:
• During the KNP's sortie in Binondo, Manila, senatorial candidate Ernesto Maceda said a debate was unnecessary because the actor could be interviewed, anyway. Noting the disbelieving looks on the reporter's faces, Maceda added: "When he's free. It's a matter of timing." (considering the fact that he's always surrounded by his "hawi boys" [bodyguards] and cordon sanitaire right now, I'm not sure when that timing will come.)

• Another senatorial candidate, Amina Rasul, said a public debate would be useful only to "unknowns" like herself. "But if you are a Fernando Poe Jr. who is loved by the people ... what for?"

• FPJ's running mate, Sen. Loren Legarda, would not be distracted: "Whether the debate pushes through or not, President Macapagal-Arroyo is responsible for all the country's woes."

• But Juan Ponce Enrile outdid them all: "Fernando Poe Jr. may not be (skilled in) the art of debating, but I challenge all the (other) contenders for the presidency if they can direct a movie (as Poe has done several times)." (insert canned laughter here.)
Steering a nation is like directing a movie, Enrile explained. "You must know what you're intending to do, visualizing all the way to the end."

Sen. Tito Sotto quoted the actor as saying: "Ang paghihirap ng bayan ay hindi pinagdedebatehan (the people's suffering is not debatable)."

All this plus the fact that the upcoming elections is turning out to be a battle of the rollercoaster surveys is not helping things any. Take my advice and forget the polls and surveys, check out what these candidates have to say about the present issues to help you decide.

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