Monday, March 01, 2004

Among the thoughts that ran around my head as I was coming home from a meeting with an old friend, was the thought of wanting something badly enough. I mean, how far will you go when you want something badly? How badly are we talking here? The thought entered my head during the business discussion that that friend was proposing to me. The business was easy enough and it promised a lot of dividends once you get the hang of it. That's the part I want. But the underlying reason I want to go into it is because I know of a lot of people who, for lack of finances, would need to go into this too. To help them in the area of finances is something I really want to do badly. Heck, I would even lend them the capital to get them started. But what good are my words going to be unless it originates from experience? It has to start with me jumping into the waters before I could start encouraging them to do the same.

I guess that's the same reason Mel Gibson started with his biggest project The Passion of the Christ. It wasn't much of a calling as he felt pushed to do the movie. "Not making it would have been an act of disobedience," CBN.com reported the actor as saying. So he shelled out $25 million out of his own pocket to finance the movie. Peter Jackson wanted badly to bring JRR Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings trilogy to life as never been done before in the history of filmmaking that he begged New Line Cinema chief executive officer Robert Shaye to bet all his company's greenbacks—or about $300-million—for this movie. Both Directors sacrificed a large chunk of their time and they dared to put their career on the line, because they wanted it so badly to happen. My point here is this: there are many things we ask God to do for us, we beg and we cry out for Him to step in and do something. There will be times that he does, but there are others when he wants us to take the first step or leap of faith into the depths of our dreams. The first step in setting everything into motion may depend on how far we're willing to go for it. You want something really, really bad? First you have to give yourself permission to dream big. Try your darnest to come up with the biggest dream you could ever possibly imagine (one's faith in God is measured by the size of one's dream. The bigger the dream, the bigger the faith), then entrust all your luggages and baggages to Him, enter the door and jump with all your might. You never know what may happen.

* I'm not saying that we can twist His arm to do whatever we ask no matter how badly we want it. But rather, aligning our wants to His wants and our needs to His needs as well for nobody knows them better than He does.

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