Thursday, March 18, 2004

Funny how The Passion movie sparked another movement towards a kinder, gentler America. NBC's Today Show featured a segment about the media's influence over society, dictating its lifestyle and choices. It's no secret that celebrities haven't been the best role models as far as recent events are concerned. Add to that the panderings of the Media Elite who use bully tactics to dictate what or who should or shouldn't be patronized.

Well, Mel Gibson's new movie has succeeded in lifting the wool off the eyes of complacent folks. The ensuing controversy over the supposed anti-Semitism and senseless violence in the film woke the people up to the power of choice available to them. They finally realized that no longer are they helpless to do anything about the trash that the media is serving them. The same consumers who turned over to them the power of choice are now taking it back! Seems like the conservatives, as of now, are winning the cultural war against the liberals.

Speaking of Mr. Gibson, he's now eyeing the Maccabean Revolt as the subject of his next movie. It's the story of a Jewish father leading his five sons and their followers in mounting a revolt against a foreign king who desecrated their Temple. It's something like out of his previous movie The Patriot but much more ambitious, I think. You can also read his interview with Sean Hannity where he speaks his mind about the Bible being an 'R-rated book' among others. It's quite interesting I assure you.

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