Sunday, March 21, 2004

I finally got to attend the Komikero group's art session in Laguna today! Me, Az, and Edgar Tadeo met up at the MiniStop in Robinson's Galleria earlier this morning before catching a bus to San Pablo. Upon going down the bus we took another ride to a park beside Sampaloc Lake where the group was waiting. Of course, Gerry Alanguilan was there along with Jac and Jonas (who brought along his son). I'm not that good with remembering names of people I meet for the first time but I have no problem with faces. The members of the Komikero group along with those I have mentioned are Jepoy, Johnny, Ric, Raipo, Henry, Glenn, Geoff, and Rod. There's also Lynette who's a first timer like us.

Sampaloc Lake Park.

Lunch and entertainment at the nearby Spaghetti House.

Everyone's a tourist

Jac takes a breather from the discussion.

Mug shot

Floating salad bar. Haha!

Ed Tadeo struts his stuff.

The Komikero Group.

We concluded the meeting around 5:30 p.m. Everyone was great even though I never got to talk much (I really have to get over this silent business). We had a lot of laughs, I listened to them swap stories and anecdotes, I also watched them compete for the farthest thrown stone using one of the fish pens as their hoop, and then some. We all had fun today, so much so I can't wait to join them again next month.

* More pictures available in Az's newly constructed photo album. Thanks to Gerry for that last pic.

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