Wednesday, March 10, 2004

I got to go see my friends Jorge and Sheila in Makati today after a very long absence. I also brought them a gift especially since Sheila put down spiritual books as her favored reading materials in her Friendster profile. So hey, why not? What I also didn't know was that Jorge had an interest in the subject too. That's so cool! Maybe someday we could sit down and discuss these subjects. I also asked them if they're interested in watching an advance screening of The Passion of the Christ sometime next week and they said yes. I offered to pay the tickets myself but they insisted in treating me this time. I'll be calling the ticket office later to reserve some, these will probably be selling like hotcakes so I do hope I'm not too late. Deep inside I was all thankful to God for setting things in motion in to answer my petitions. I do plan to continue storming heaven with prayers and petitions until they get saved along with his and her family too. There will be some lashbacks and further attacks but if it's in response to their eventual salvation then by all means I'm willing to march to the center of Mordor and accomplish what I'm called to do.

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