Monday, March 15, 2004

I have a funny feeling that online I come off as someone intimidating. I don't know exactly if that's the truth but I'm sort of mixed up on this particular issue. On one hand the miniscule sadistic side of me enjoys this illusory sense of power. I imagine myself standing high and mighty on a tower disdainfully whizgigging* at all the paltry, piddling humans cringing outside my impenetrable fortress. "Bow down or face my wrath you slithering insignificant worms!" I announce above the majestic roar of thunder and lightning. On the other hand I see myself alone onstage, the spotlight trained directly on me, wondering if there are people watching. "Is there anyone out there?" I would call out while squinting my eyes, trying to discern even a silhouette sitting in the chairs. The sounds of crickets going "Kreek-kreek! Kreek-kreek!" answer back. Bizzare.

Maybe I come off as someone too serious. Or maybe an oddity. Go figure.

* I like the way the syllables zip and thump around my throat when reading the word out loud. Try it: Whizgigging! Whizgigging! Whizgigging!

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