Friday, March 19, 2004

Last night me and some friends were treated to two different discussions about love and relationship from women coming from opposing backgrounds. The first discussion was done over dinner at a small Japanese resto in Megamall. With me were my good friends Az and, a churchmate of mine, Jo. Over bento meals and ice tea we talked about the realities of married life and what we should be expecting once we find our prospective wives and decide to settle down (Jo's married for almost a year now). We exchanged views about singlehood, waiting for the right mate, the sacrifices that come with it, setting new priorities, we even openly discussed some fears common to those outside looking in, and other serious matters related to the topic on hand. We all left the resto well-rounded, a bit more educated, and also encouraged.

Later that night, with a different group in a different place, women also led the discussion of relationships with a completely different reason in mind: sex. They were the friends of a former high school batchmate of mine and one of them was already tipsy when the talks started. This discussion was the complete opposite of what I was treated to earlier. It would be a weakness for some other mortals, construing it as an invitation to do something forbidden (predictably emasculated by these kinds of talks). By and by, their banal talk was starting to annoy me and one of them was already crossing set boundaries. She started badgering me with me personal questions and teasing me with blatant innuendoes. Not wanting to offend my friends I still stayed where I am but in looking back I should have walked out of that place. Though I already spelled out my convictions regarding matters of fornication and showed my displeasure at her intrusive questions she still went on and on. Now why would women treat themselves as mere objects of pleasure? What do they think they would get out of one fleeting moment? The possibility of hooking up a serious relationship from there?

She was very quiet and probably sobered up by the reactions she got when we left. I didn't say goodbye to her nor did I feel like I have to. I'm not angry at her but I'm angry at what she did. I'm all for respecting women and I would even defend them if they're threatened but I won't be party to their tawdry actions that go against what I believe in. In the first place they wouldn't be talking trash like that if they respect themselves. But if they don't, then expect the same from me.

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