Saturday, March 20, 2004

Lyndon, Az, and me attended the wake for the dad of our friend and fellow Denner, Lico, last night. Lico sent me a text yesterday morning informing us where the wake will be so there we went after initially meeting in our houses. The casket was closed but Lico opened it a bit for a short viewing before we sat down and caught up with each other's activities. Lico was doing well and he even updated us on his plans for a new comic strip. Then he brought out his small sketchbook and showed us some of his characters. What started out as a suggestion for the premise of his comic turned out to be a discussion peppered with stifled laughs about coming up with ridiculous X-Files type of names for a parallel universe populated by creepy-crawlies. There were even some ideas for spoofing the titles of horror movies and the what-if's of a weird scandal involving Michael Jackson and Astroboy.

Every once in a while some relatives would gather near the front and take each other's pictures. It probably was the first time in a long while since they all saw each other hence the cameras. Az also brought his digicam and took some candid shots. And there I was regretting my decision not to bring a camera when I should have (I'm half serious here). We went home past 11 p.m. just before they started mass. It's been a long time since we went out and I'm gonna ask for a night out again if ever there won't be an Artists' Den meeting next week.

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