Friday, March 05, 2004

The meeting last night with my high school batchmates regarding our 15th anniversary reunion this coming May tuned into a more interesting topic towards the end: male vanity. Well granted that the conversation was driven to that direction because our guest Tonette (a professional model) started asking what our daily facial regimen was, I never would have thought that these people would be that open to discussing the topic of grooming preferences. These were the same people, who back in high school, wouldn't be caught dead with a comb (I'm exaggerating a bit but you get the idea). Their lives revolved around basketball and women and here they were discussing the need for spas, and salons exclusively for guys. Amazing. Other topics that we discussed excluding our plans for the reunion ranged from the recent accident resulting in death for a starlet, our bachelorhood vs. the marriage status of our other friends, rates of models coming out in commercials, what other favorable hangouts are there for people our age, etc.

Sometime during the tail end of our discussion our batch rep, Robin called the attention of this caucasian looking guy walking past our table. They talked for a while before introducing us to his friend from college who was the former drummer of The Breed & Razorback and current drummer of Blue Rats, Miguel Ortigas. I was surprised to find out that for someone who belongs to one of the two oldest and richest family in the country he's a really nice, amiable, and casual guy. Very accomodating and has none of those airs other rich people have. I later remarked to my friend that he also looked like a younger version of Repertory Philippines' Miguel Faustmann. Before he left he extended an invitation for us to watch their gig sometime. We left the place a little before 1 a.m.

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