Monday, March 22, 2004

There are some pretty interesting discussions going on right now at my favorite radio station, 103.5 K-lite. The DJ on board, Ron South, had already set a topic "Do you give up easily?" for his callers to discuss on the air when the movie The Passion was mentioned in passing. A regular female guest of his was also in the booth and he asked her if she believed in God. She said she did but she didn't believe in Jesus. So Ron probed further and started asking why and that's when things started to get uncomfortable with her. People started texting messages expressing shock, dismay, and anger at the revelation she made. And though the main topic encompasses the discussion, it was pretty much forgotten with callers putting in their own 2 cents. For a self-confessed non-practicing born-again Christian, Ron presents a good case against people ignoring the main message of the Gospel. Some were disappointed at him for bringing up a controversial subject but he readily defends himself saying that everything that has been discussed in the show since the beginning were controversial, he was just surprised by the negative reactions (reminds me a lot of the O'Reilly Factor in the middle of "The Passion" brouhaha). I myself am against religious fanaticism and I understand Ron's call for sobriety in the middle of this debate. While one can't lightly dismiss Christ's message and identity, and sooner or later they would have to decide if they're for or against Him, you just can't throw rocks at people who disagree with your views. That's just plain wrong!

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