Saturday, March 06, 2004

A three-headed frog with six legs have been found hopping in the backyard of a nursery school in the UK earlier today. It had been found first by the kids who put it in a bucket and showed it to their teachers. "At first we just thought it was three few frogs piled on top of each other but then it leapt up at us as one thing. The skin of the three heads all seemed to be one piece of skin," Ms Twinn said. "The children were all excited. They are all under four, so I suppose they were too young to be scared. I suppose they thought it was a bit of Harry Potter come to the Green Umbrella."

"He got away quite shortly after we captured him. One of the children went to look at him and he jumped out. We've had Sky News, the local television people and the children trying to find him all afternoon. They've been looking all over the garden and in the pond but with no success."

Upon seeing the pictures taken before its escape, John Wilkinson, a frog ecologist at the Open University, also thought it appeared to be two male frogs clinging very tightly to a female, "They get very randy, as we all do, and will not let go. We are in the breeding season." Wildlife experts believe that a probable damage to the embryo may have been caused, in part, by pollution.

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