Saturday, March 13, 2004

While searching for an answer to today's trivia question at Nikki Alfar's blog I came across this interesting site called Biro-Web. A humorous art site for doodles by an, as yet, unnamed artist. The drawings remind me a lot of those done by Pablo Picasso and some Henri Matisse here and there. I strongly suggest that you leave no stone unturned when you're exploring the pages in this site. Its irreverent humor also reminds me a lot of Hai Ibardolaza's Guarding Princess comic strip.

Another wonderful discovery I've made today is the news that Starbucks will be adding something trendy in their stores soon: personalized audio CDs to go! In a deal they've worked out with Hewlett Packard they'll be installing a listening station with a selection of 250,000 songs (is this is a per table thing?), submit a list of songs you want to include in your CD, they burn it, pay up and pick it up on your way out. Yowza! Can't wait till they bring it here! Also, Strange Haven has opened its doors for new orders for the shipment at the end of May. I sent a wanted list consisting of a book, a DVD, and a comic book compilation. I'll wait for the total amount first before making the final decision.

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