Sunday, April 11, 2004

As you can see I'm still in the maroon of health

I sometimes think how great it would be to be a kid again and enjoy the holidays the way kids nowadays are being pampered left and right. Today they're being feted with chocolate eggs, egg hunts, and bunny rabbits complete with breakfast buffet. Maybe it's the way parents live out their fantasies of being kids again so they pamper their kids with these. I had a bunny rabbit once when I was a kid. Two of them in fact, gray and orange. I was told they had kids but I can't remember that. That was the first and last time I had rabbits. When I started earning my own money I bought a pair of hamsters, two sets of guinea pigs, and two sets of mice. Not together of course. I actually did some experiments with the mice. Breeding experiments actually. Starting with a set of one male and two females I was able to breed them till they reached a population of 50 in one tank. The other tank contained a combination of pinto and gray mice and I was able to raise their number to also around 50 or maybe more. Having a mouse farm in my room's pretty fun. It's not smelly or anything since I'm able to clean both tanks regularly but it was pretty unusual. I had to give them away eventually when I started working. Later I heard their population was whittled away to practically zero owing to the lack of proper care.

Anyway, I treated myself to lunch at Tokyo-tokyo in Shangri-la to celebrate this holiday. That's where I took the picture happily musing the fact that maybe I am a mestizo since I normally turn dark brown sometime after being sunburned. Maybe a little bit more sunburn and I would be as red as the ice tea I was drinking. I'm now finishing the "West Side" strip I'll be submitting tomorrow. The lay-out's different from the usual four panels I do, something to look out for. Happy Easter everybody!

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