Monday, April 12, 2004

Do the words opine, perspicacity, bloviating, and pithy sound familiar to you? If they are then you're a Bill O'Reilly fan like me! Watching the FOX Report and the O'Reilly Factor has become a breakfast staple with the family (right after my TV-controlling sister leaves for work). I like Bill O'Reilly's no "bloviating" stance with his interviewees and issues be it the media elite, coverage of the Iraqi War, culture wars, answering Mel Gibson's critics, etc. He's also got witty comebacks for his critics which makes me snicker and laugh. This guy's one of a kind! Although of course I can understand it if allowing for his opinions make for the most unpopular decisions one could ever make, but it's really hard not to disagree with him. I'm sure he'd be a great talkshow host but as it is he's better off blowing down excuses and seeming stupidity of those with the mind of lemmings.

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