Monday, April 19, 2004

I finished the strip late tonight having started late in the afternoon. I'm going the route cartoonist Bill Watterson took with his experimentations with panels in cramped space. I also did something different tonight, something I never did for the longest time: I stayed stayed home. It was already almost 9 p.m. when I submitted the strip and since almost every place in the Metro closes at the time I decided to stay put and cook dinner for myself. Then I watched "Speed" on the Wowow Channel on cable and parts of "Queen of the Damned" (Aaliyah's last film which unfortunately "pffft!" out instead of "KA-BLAM!!!"). Then there's that episode in the O.W.S. where Oprah gave away stuff like iPod and HP photo printers, among others, to all the audience on her show. Maybe one day I could bring my mom to watch that show live.

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