Friday, April 16, 2004

Last night's meeting with my high school friends in Rockwell Center was funner than the usual. Aside from the usual and expected five people, we saw two more batchmates we haven't seen or heard from in more than a decade! The first one, Jason happened to be there with his family after watching a movie in the nearby Powerplant Mall. We didn't notice him at first until our batch president, Robin, saw him walking by and thought he looked familiar. We exchanged calling cards and updated on each other's occupations and lives before excusing himself for a while to buy some snacks for his kids. After continuing on with the topic on hand, Robin nudged me on the arm and told me to look at the group next table behind ours. I glanced a bit and that's when he asked me if I thought that one of them could be one of our long lost batchmates, Peter. I said it could be but I didn't dare to take a chance and call out his name. Robin asked the others if they thought it was one of our batchmates. They weren't too sure (we haven't seen the guy since second year high school) and they wouldn't also dare to call out his name for fear of embarrassing themselves.

We transferred seats soon after and confirmed his identity when we asked his friends when he went to the restroom. You could imagine his shock when we reintroduced ourselves to him. It's been like, what? Eighteen long years since we last saw each other and he had a lot of stories to share with us he practically left his group to join us in our table. We had a jolly good time reminiscing about the old days. We also talked about our other classmates, especially my good friend Jorge. And like the other times we got together, we don't get tired of hearing the same old stories and boisterous laughter brought on by the renewing of bonds filled the air. The others left one after the other till there were only the five of us left and since it was already late, we decided to call it a night and split. The others still decided to check out the party in the other part of the grounds while me and another friend went straight home.

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