Sunday, April 25, 2004

The last time I browsed through the selections of that wonderful (but awfully expensive) bookstore called Fully Booked, I was intrigued but somewhat indifferent. The books available were all that any dedicated bookworm could ever ask for but the prices were too steep. It was a different story last Thursday when I dropped by for a quick look before going to our high school batch meeting. There were so many new titles it was all I could do to keep myself from slobbering over the covers and the pages. And the good thing about was that almost half of them fell under the P1,000.00 boundary. I promised I would be back once I have the money to buy them. So I did and went through the titles one by one. I held on to four or five books lest some other customer buy them. But due to financial constraints I had to let the others go and settle for these two fine specimens.

I felt like the old farmer in the "A Million Cats" story who being childless decides with his wife to get a cat but each cat he saw on his journey turned out to be better than the last and he picked up every single one of them until he got acquired a million cats by the time he got home. I've been buying Christian themed books and there are still a lot of them I haven't read. Each one's better than the last and I couldn't resist buying some more whenever I see one that talks about a subject I really, really like. While some people spend their dough on clothes, gadgets, or gimmicks, I spend mine on books. I'll get through all these someday. There'll be some really interesting stories to tell when I do.

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